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Website Policies


This website is predominantly meant for publication of articles for the formation of individuals and families facilitating them for Fullness of Life. Articles connected to all the 12 dimensions of individual life and more are to be published in the website.

It is a totally free website; however, donations are welcome.

Presently the articles are written in Tamil.


Only those who believe in the concept of Fullness of Life are invited to be members. Membership could be of two types, namely participants and contributors. Those interested can apply for membership. Only when the identity is clear, one will be accepted as members. Kindly apply with your genuine name. Only after the approval of the admin one becomes a member.

Only articles related to the dimensions of Fullness of Life and other themes envisaged in the website will be published on the pages of the website. The contributor members can send their articles to the admin’s email and after the approval of the editorial desk the article will be published.

Personal information shared by the members will not be revealed outside.

Comments and ratings:

All are welcome to give feedback and comments. Those who give comments or feed back are requested to be decent and constructive. In order to assure this, comments will be published only after the approval of the admin.

We request all the readers to rate the articles genuinely.